SVT Audit Manager ACS Optimizer

The Audit Collection Service (ACS) is a powerful, enterprise-grade centralized event log collection solution that is shipped and licensed to use when you implement Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager 2007 (sp1 or higher) and 2012 (sp1). Scalable to support typically 250 domain controllers, 3,000 Windows servers, or 20,000 workstations from a single instance, many organizations leverage ACS to securely and centrally store critical event data from the enterprise.

To meet many of today’s rigid regulatory requirements and controls with regards to audit log retention, the SVT Audit Manager ACS Optimizer significantly extends and optimizes ACS, allowing customers to fully optimize ACS and its capabilities. Comprised of several key tools and an automated archival platform, the suite allows organizations to:

  • Store all collected event data indefinitely
  • Access historical data on demand
  • Automatically maintain a historical audit database for broader reporting needs
  • Monitor & manage the audit infrastructure in real-time to ensure audit integrity
  • Provide ad-hoc forensic reporting & data-mining
  • Automate the entire process for optimal continuous event log management

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SVT Audit Manager is a comprehensive and integrated auditing solution for Microsoft System Center