NERC Compliance with SVT

What is NERC and who does it apply to?
The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is the successor to the North American Electric Reliability Council (also known as NERC). The original NERC was formed on June 1, 1968 by the electric utility industry to promote the reliability and adequacy of bulk power transmission in the electric utility systems of North America. NERC’s mission states that it is to “ensure that the bulk power system in North America is reliable.”

How does NERC affect your enterprise?

NERC oversees the eight regional reliability entities and encompasses all of the interconnected power systems of the contiguous United States, Canada and a portion of Baja, California into Mexico. Its major responsibilities include working with all stakeholders to develop standards for power system operation, monitoring and enforcing compliance with those standards, assessing resource adequacy, and providing educational and training resources as part of an accreditation program to ensure power system operators remain qualified and proficient. NERC also investigates and analyzes the causes of significant power system disturbances in order to help prevent future events.

The NERC requirements that pertain to information technology are published in a series of documents that address Critical Infrastructure protection (CIP), CIP-002 through CIP-009.

How SVT can help you!
The eight CIP documents contain more than 160 individual requirements and their associated measures. As with any mature compliance authority there are many requirements that deal with process and program framework – security policies, roles and responsibilities, etc. Of the remaining, SVT Audit Manager monitors all that can be audited in a Windows environment. This means more than 300 requirement-mapped report combinations can produce data from several of CIP documents including CIP-003, CIP-004, CIP-005, and CIP-007.

The SVT Audit Manager product line gives you several mechanisms that support sound, repeatable security management, and that’s a cornerstone security requirement regardless of which standard you must adhere to.

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