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The SVT™ Audit Manager portfolio reduces IT GRC complexity by leveraging existing systems management infrastructures; allowing you to do more with less. Using Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2007 sp1 and above or 2012 sp1 as a platform to deliver an enterprise grade security auditing solution. SVT™ Audit Manager allows organizations to consolidate and reduce silos of information, point solutions, manual procedures, reducing the overall cost of meeting today’s complex regulatory requirements.

SVT™ Audit Manager optimizes and extends the Audit Collection Service (ACS) to enable automated indefinite storage of critical security data as well as providing comprehensive forensic security reporting. Coupled with over 900 forensic reporting scenarios providing focused audit reports, designed by auditors for auditors, SVT Audit Manager significantly increases audit efficiency while reducing costs.

SVT™ Audit Manager solutions deliver pro-active, real-time security monitoring, audit collection and IT GRC reporting. Focusing on four core areas of competency: Risk Management, Retention, Accountability and Optimization.





Security Monitoring and Alerting for Windows
Security Event Archiving
Security Event Analysis
Standard Reporting—Security Operations  
IT GRC Reporting    
Specialized Security Operator’s Console    
Specialized Auditor’s Console    

*Note: Audit Manager Essentials does not require the ACS component.

  • By using Microsoft Operations Manager 2007 and 2012 infrastructure, we alert to key Active Directory object changes in real-time, providing your organization with the solid foundation and knowledge, to initiate remedial investigations and automated resolutions in order to deal effectively with potential business impacting issues.

  • Efficient collection, management and effective presentation of the potentially vast quantities of raw security event data is critical to ensure reduced audit time and costs. As more organizations implement pro-active auditing activities, access to live and historical data is essential. Our automated archival and restoration platform ensures data continuity and availability indefinitely.

  • SVT helps to ensure that stakeholders receive the right information at the right time by providing optimized auditing for Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, ISO, COBIT, PCI DSS, FISMA and more. SVT Audit Manager solutions significantly reduce costs associated with IT GRC auditing activities with regulatory and forensic reporting, as well as, live security monitoring. Organizations can thus execute low-cost, self assessment audits to demonstrate repeatable, verifiable processes to support their compliance requirements.

  • By integrating with Microsoft System Center, SVT Audit Manager solutions offer un-paralleled automation and synchronization for IT Operations, Network Security, Internal/External auditors and stakeholders. Unifying security operations and event collection with application/systems performance management, SVT solutions give IT a 360 degree view of the operational health of critical business assets. Security teams can quickly identify change control violations and stakeholders can be confident that the organization is maintaining IT GRC alignment.

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SVT Audit Manager is a comprehensive and integrated auditing solution for Microsoft System Center